Whether keeping your nails neatly manicured, or you simply like to revel in the vibrant hues of our long-wear gel polish, we have something for every preference.
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This is THE place to go, just sayin’.

I brought Amber my extremely overgrown gel nails that I had done in another province. They weren’t in the best of shape right from day one; Too bulky, too square, and applied unevenly.

This amazing gem of a gal took those hideous things and gave me something beautiful.

They look and feel 10X better than before. You can be sure she’ll see more of me! Sacha Brant

Owner, Sassy Lasses

I’ve been a client of Glitter Nail Studio from the beginning when Amber first started doing them a couple years ago. From my first set, to the gorgeous set I have on now, her expertise creativity and skills have astronomically improved, she’s fantastic at what she does, she loves her job and it really shows through with each set of nails!

She’s professional and affordable, a genuine sweetheart and I look forward to every appointment¬†with her! Courtney Summers

Satisfied Client

I’m a fellow nail tech in Alberta. I used to live in Kitimat.

Amber is not only a total sweetheart, but her work is fantastic and her products are of utmost quality.

The price of nails in the Pacific Northwest can be outrageous, but Amber keeps her prices fair and affordable without sacrificing quality.

You won’t be disappointed. She knows her stuff! Crystal Penney

Owner, Gloss Nail Studio